Prepared motions for the Indonesian Finance Fest Debate Competition 2011 to be held from 10 – 13 March, 2011 at STAN, Binta. Email indonesianfinancefest@gmail.com for more information.

  • 1. THW ban derivative instruments
  • 2. THW impose extra tax on banks which received bailout funds
  • 3. THBT certified public accountants who fail to identify fraud should be held criminally liable
  • 4. THW privatize state-owned enterprises which operate in strategic sectors
  • 5. THW redenominate Rupiahs
  • 6. In countries where Islam is legally acknowledged as one of the religions, THBT the governments should establish sharia banks
  • 7. THW disband WTO
  • 8. THBT ASEAN should have single currency
  • 9. In the case of transfer pricing, THBT tax rate should remain progressive instead of flat
  • 10. THW diversify goods subjected to excise
  • 11. THW optimize its fiscal space
  • 12. THBT green income harms growth
  • 13. THBT consumption, not production, is the answer for sustainable economy
  • 14. THBT cooperative economic movement (koperasi) is the way to go for developing countries
  • 15. THBT the USA should twist China’s arms so Yuan can float
  • 16. THW no longer decentralize fiscal