NDC cum NES 2011 [MOTIONS]

Prepared motions for the Indonesia National Debate Competition 2011 and National Economic Seminar 2011 to be held from 18 – 21 March 2011.

1. The Hammer Judgment
THW include “massive environment destruction” under ICC (International Criminal Court) Jurisdiction.
THBT Domestic Court Should able to prosecute environment destruction abroad which Caused by MNC (Multi National Corporation).
THW Alter ALL punishment of Environment Destruction to ONLY full restoration of Environment that defective.

2. Money from Your Pocket
THW tax people on the basis of their carbon contribution.
THBT Developed Countries Should Pay developing countries to control their population.
THW give direct money for NGO that deal with green Movement.

3. Al Gore vs Adam Smith
THBT Economic Growth is the key towards solving climate change
THW abolish all taxes for Green Project.
THBT EU should trade with other countries inversely Proportionate to their Emission.

4. Consumer Behavior
THW Nullify taxation on Alcohol and Cigarettes
THW Subsidize Individual House Ownership
THBT Universal Health Care is Unconstitutional.

5. Tinkering the Earth
TH Support Geo-engineering.
THW privatize Conservation Forest.
THW help SIDC’s to Begin their Land Reclamation Program.