March Break 2011: Part 3

Read about my March Break trip to London to attend the 2nd Biennial War Crimes Conference in Part 1 and Part 2.

My third day in London, my second morning and my wake-up times were getting earlier and earlier. I managed to grab some toast for breakfast even though I was a little late for the first parallel session of the day for the conference and missed the first presentation. Still, I liked how there was a subtle theme throughout many of the presentations with the day mostly focused on Criminal Prosecutions and Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, their relative successes, failures and their effectiveness in different contexts.

Shortly after lunch, I went over to the British Library to end my hiatus from the internet and just to check whether anything had gone on in the last few days without my knowledge. My laptop was on low-charge after-all so I was operating on battery alone. It took me a while to find a charging port which meant I was frantically using my laptop at minimum electricity use in order to conserve it. I did manage to start charging my laptop before it crashed from a lack of juice which was fine. I was doing all my usual email, Facebook, twitter, google reader and blog checking when in front of me popped Rachel Ng. I was understandable shocked and surprised as I assume she might have been too. I would never in my life have expected to stumble into an alumni from SIS doing her Masters. Wow. What shock it was for me, and quite a joy to know that even in the big scary world of London, I still knew enough people to accidentally stumble into them 😀

The conference presentations finished around 6:30. And since I wasn’t attending the conference dinner, I left for a bit of shopping before catching the bus home. I took a walk around Tesco both before and after the bus trip as well as downing a Sub for dinner. I’m still not used to the swimming pool sized Tesco supermarkets where nothing can be bought except in bulk. I did manage to navigate my way out without my wallet getting too much lighter.

Alanna and Anna had some friends from work over so we spent the time playing a new game… I think they called it he ‘Alanna Game’ 😀 What you do is write words on multiple sheets of paper, how many sheets depends on the size of your group, with a maximum of five words on a sheet of paper. After we split into two teams, we then had to describe as many of the word/words without using the word itself or proper pronouns within 1 minute. For round 2, it gets harder with only mime allowed. We had a massive blast in the first round trying to figure out what each other had written on the little sheets. The second round was even better as both teams desperately tried to remember the things we’d described and then tried matching words with the increasingly ambitious actions. Though we didn’t end up doing a third round, I’m told that it consist of the same aim – figuring out what was not the slip of paper that we’d picked out of the hat – only you couldn’t even use gestures, just facial expressions. That would have been hilarious!