Results for ALSA UNPAD 2011

Asian Law School Association, Universitas Padjadjaran English-Challenge Debate Tournament 2011 was held from 26 to 28th February 2011. It has just concluded and here are the reuslts.
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Overall Results

Champion: BIPEDS C (Ravina, Raj, Jaran)
Runner-up: UGM B (Bella, Jhendra, Nabila)
2nd Runners-up: Bakrie University B (Poppy, Yudha, Tiara)
2nd Runners-up: UNPAR A (Nadia, Rara, Dwita)

Best Speaker:

  • 1. Dwita Aryani (Universitas Parahyangan A)
  • 2. Jhendra Samodra (Universitas Gadjah Mada B)
  • 3. Astri Agustina (Universitas Gadjah Mada C)
  • 3. Rajkumar Narendra (BINUS International C)
  • 3. Vicario Reinaldo (Institut Teknologi Bandung C)
  • 6. Emirza Adi Syailendra (Universitas Indonesia B)
  • 7. Rosmi Yana (Universitas Bina Nusantara A)
  • 8. Nurbaniyara Muthmainnah (Universitas Parahyangan A)
  • 9. Aryo Febrian (Universitas Bakrie A)
  • 10. Ammar Syah Anwar (Universitas Bakrie A)
  • 10. Harris Subhan (Universitas Padjadjaran A)
  • 10. Sabaruddin Adinugroho (Universitas Bina Nusantara A)


U-17 THW prosecute parents if their children commit suicide
THW oblige teacher to report for indications of domestic child-abuse
THW allow paedophilic love

R2: Indonesia
THW import cabe
THW change our nation’s capital city
THW abolish all form of remission, abolition and grace for corruptors

R3: Faith and Morality
THW subsidize religious denominations and organizations that accept homosexuality
TH does not support the building of an Islamic center in ground zero
THW replace religion subject with ethics class in school

R4: Societal Welfare
THW subsidize people to have children
THW ban internet gambling
THW oblige all restaurants to show all food nutrition fact from the food they serve

R5: Middle East and Northern Africa
THB in the violent removal of corrupt officials by the people in weak democracies
THW ban previously ruling political parties in post-oppressive-governments
THBT the West should discreetly fund dissidents in oppressive-governments

QF: Women
THBT underage women should not need parental consent to undergo abortion
THW hold modeling agencies fully responsible for their models’ eating disorders
THW give direct money for mothers that undertake breastfeeding

SF: Transparency
THW strictly limit the news on terrorism
THBT high profile court trials should be broadcasted in television
THW put all past regimes’ evil acts and policies in history text books

GF: Law
(Customary Law) THW establish a religious court and provide them for citizens that prefer them over national law
(Humanitarian Law) THW allow the destruction of religious sites in war for any reason
(Environmental Law) THW allow victims of climate change to sue polluter countries


R1: Gov Winning: 36%. Opp Winning: 64%. Average personal score: 74.1
R2: Gov Winning: 64%. Opp Winning: 36%. Average personal score: 73.96
R3: Gov Winning: 43%. Opp Winning: 57%. Average personal score: 73.93
R4: Gov Winning: 50%. Opp Winning: 50%. Average personal score: 74.2
R5: Gov Winning: 50%. Opp Winning: 50%. Average personal score: 74.38
Overall personal score average is 74.08
Overall gov-opp win percentage is 49.3% – 50.7%