Results for LSE Open 2011 Grand Finals [UPDATED]

From an anonymouse tip-off:
Approximate Grand Final Motion: THBT targetting objects that are symbolically but not strategically important is justified in war

OG: 1. I am debate (Jonathan Leader Maynar/Sam Block) [13 – 842]
OO: 3. Vowels are supposed to be like this (Maria English/Sayeqa Islam) [12 – 828]
CO: 9. My bid is better than yours (Art Ward/Harish Natarajan) [10 – 821]
CG: 15. We can be funny… Honest (Pam Cohn/Jack Watson) [10 – 809]

[UPDATE] LSE Open Champion is revealed.
I’ve recieved confirmation that I am Debate (Jonathan Leader Maynar/Sam Block) won the debate and were crowned Champions of the 2011 LSE Open.

Approximate Semi Final Motion: THW give nuclear weapons to rising powers


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