Results for Team Wales @LSE Open 2011 [UPDATED]

During the weekend that just passed, Team Wales, on the suggestion of our coach, travelled to London and took part in the 2011 LSE Open. Sadly, Sarah wasn’t able to join us for this excursion, although I’m sure there will be a lot of other opportunities. The 4 remaining debaters of Team Wales were split into the following teams:

Wales A: David Wigley and Paul Lau
Wales B: Josephine Maidment and Cat Davies

Both Wales A and Wales B ended LSE Open 2011 with 8 team points.
Wales A had total speaker points of 756 while Wales B had 726. In comparision, the only other schools team, Cheney had 9 team points but only 751 total speaker scores.

Individual Speaker Scores:

  • 57. Paul Lau (Wales A) – 379
  • 59. David Wigley (Wales A) – 377
  • 77. Cat Davies (Wales B) – 363
  • 77. Josephine Maidment (Wales B) – 363

Wales B (Cat Davies and Josephine Maidment) were statistically the most even team with both speakers on exactly the same scores. The only other teams to achieve the same feat where ‘Vowels are supposed to be like that’ (Maria English and Sayeqa Islam) both on 414.
Wales A (Paul Lau and David Wigley) were statistically the 5th most even team with only 2 points spliting the two speaker’s total speaker scores.

R1: THBT the most just economic system is both meritocratic and has a highly unequal division of wealth
Wales A: Position – CG, Rank – 1
Wales B: Position – OO, Rank – 4

R2: THBT the West should oppose Arab Democracy
Wales A: Position – OG, Rank – 4
Wales B: Position – OO, Rank – 1

R3: THW make contracts in blackmail legally enforceable
Wales A: Position – CO, Rank – 3
Wales B: Position – OG, Rank – 3

R4: THW make the teaching of immigrant history and culture compulsory for all students in schools
Wales A: Position – CO, Rank – 2
Wales B: Position – OO, Rank – 3

R5: THW abandon the use of economic sanctions as a tool of foreign policy
Wales A: Position – CG, Rank – 2
Wales B: Position – CO, Rank – 1