Results for LSE Open 2011 [UPDATED]

I’ve just gotten back from what is called ‘the best debate competition in the UK’, the annual LSE Open. Part of the reason it is so well received is because many of the best debaters, former debaters and those well past university level all come back out in force. That was certainly the case with a number of high-profile teams.


R1: THBT the most just economic system is both meritocratic and has a highly unequal division of wealth
R2: THBT the West should oppose Arab Democracy
R3: THW make contracts in blackmail legally enforceable
R4: THW make the teaching of immigrant history and culture compulsory for all students in schools
R5: THW abandon the use of economic sanctions as a tool of foreign policy
QF: THBT religiously divided developing democracies should enact laws prohibiting the criticism of religion
SF: THW give nuclear weapons to rising powers (Unconfirmed)
GF: THBT targetting objects that are symbolically but not strategically important is justified in war (Unconfirmed)


Team Tab

Speaker Tab

Team Break, Top 16, Judge Break, Grand Finals, Awards and Top Speakers listed below

Grand Final

There is yet to be official confirmation of the motion and teams. As far as I know, thanks to information pased on to me by others, these are the details.

Motion: THBT targetting objects that are symbolically but not strategically important is justified in war

  • OG: 1. I am debate (Jonathan Leader Maynar/Sam Block) [13 – 842]
  • OO: 3. Vowels are supposed to be like this (Maria English/Sayeqa Islam) [12 – 828]
  • CG: 15. We can be funny… Honest (Pam Cohn/Jack Watson) [10 – 809]
  • CO: 9. My bid is better than yours (Art Ward/Harish Natarajan) [10 – 821]


Announced at the social on Sunday evening.
Champions: I am Debate (Jonathan Leader Maynar/Sam Block)
Best Speaker on Tab: Sam Block (I am Debate)
Rushab Ranavat Memorial Trophy for Most Carried Debater:
Ishaan Hemnani (Imperial B) 254 [Partnered with William Evans who had 334 for a difference of 80 speaker points]
Also Tim Lees (Untermenschen B) 317 [Partnered with James Torrance who had 397 for a difference of 80 speaker points]
Of breaking teams, Joanna Farmer (We hate most people here) 396 [Partnered with Hugh Burns who had 409 for a difference of 13 speaker points]

Best Speakers

  • 1. Sam Block (I am Debate) – 422
  • 2. Jonathan Leader-Maynard (I am Debate) – 420
  • 3. Shengwu Li (No Umlaut in Ubermensch) – 418
  • 4. Fred Cowell (Herne Hill C) – 417
  • 5. Sayeqa Islam (Vowel Sounds Are Supposed To Be Like That) – 414
  • 5. Harish Natarajan (My Bid is Better Than Yours) – 414
  • 5. Ben Ralston (No Umlaut in Ubermensch) – 414
  • 5. Maria English (Vowel Sounds Are Supposed To Be Like That) – 414
  • 9. Guy Miscampbell (Sherring Guy Love with Pam) – 411
  • 9. Neil Dewar (Jew and Jewar) – 411
  • 11. Jack Watson (We can be Funny… Honest) – 410
  • 11. Daniel Warrants (Not Pretty Enough For) – 410
  • 13. Hugh Burns (We hate most people here) – 409
  • 13. Andrew Tuffin (Herne Hill C) – 409
  • 13. Tom Hosking (We’re not racist – We’re Quoting Doug) – 409
  • 16. Mhairi Murdoch (We were the judging pool) – 408
  • 17. Art Ward (My bid is better than yours) – 407
  • 18. Nathalie Smith (Not Pretty Enough For) – 406
  • 19. Sherry Niall (Sherring guy love with Pam) – 405


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