Results Bristol Schools Debating Competition 2011 [UPDATED]

The Bristol Schools Debating Competition 2011 was held on Saturday 12 February 2011 at the Language Department at Bristol University, Bristol, UK. For my personal recount, see this post.
Currently, no official tab has been released, but here are the results I copied down. All errors are my fault only.
[UPDATE] Ben Walker, Convenor, has released the tab in an email saying:

Dear Debaters,
Please find attached the tab from the Bristol Schools competition on Saturday.
Many thanks to everyone who took part, as well as to Sheraz Qureshi for CAing.
We had a lot of fun, and we hope you did too!
Best wishes,


R1: THW require all schools to admit a mix of student representative of the socioeconomic make-up of the country as a whole
R2: THBT developing countries should nationalize their resources
R3: THW ban pornography
R4: THBT religion has, on balance, caused more harm than good
GF: THBT violent protest is legitimate in western liberal democracies

Grand Final

Note: The one day tournament featured a direct break into the Grand Finals.

  1. Cheney A – 11 team points – 612 total speaker points
    • Emily Fernandes – 306
    • Elizabeth Romanis – 306
  2. City of London Girls B – 11 – 601
    • Siofra Dromgoole – 301
    • Mercy Hadfield – 300
  3. St Paul’s A – 10 – 600
    • Freddy Powell – 303
    • Zac Levin – 297
  4. Composite A – 9 – 613 [As a composite team, Composite A were not permitted to break]
    • Paul Lau – 307
    • David Wigley – 306
  5. City of London Girls X – 9 – 607
    • Imogen Hamilton-Jones – 304
    • Sarah O Keeffe – 303

Champion: Cheney A – Emily Fernandes and Elizabeth Romanis
Best Speaker: Paul Lau (Composite A)

Full Tab

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