Bristol Schools Debating Competition 2011

The Bristol Schools Debating Competition 2011 was held on Saturday 12 February 2011 at the Language Department at Bristol University, Bristol, UK. I myself attend the competition along with David Wigley also of Team Wales. Sadly, thanks to the fact that we didn’t come from the same school we were not allowed to break into the Grand Final.

Overall, it was a good day involving lots of thinking, some good preparation for WSDC and just fun and learning in general. It was an almost perfect day in terms of the debate results, our travel and the days arrangements.

We meet up at Cardiff and arrived in Bristol pretty-much just on time. We had 2 rounds followed by lunch at Co-Op. After that, we had a further two rounds followed by the agonizing wait for the break. We knew we couldn’t break but what was most interesting to us was knowing whether we might have broken had we been a school team. As it turned out, we nearly left because it took so long to get the tab done. Thankfully, we had enough time to stay for the announcement.

After the top 4 teams were announced with 9 points sufficient for breaking, I was suspicious but uncertain given that we had only 7 points for certain. Kindly and very nicely, the organizers created an extra slide to explain that we would actually have broken in 4th had we been a school team. As it stood, we had 9 points and 613 team speaker points. Although by team points we would have been 4th, by team speaker points we just pipped the top breaking team who had 612.

We pretty much rushed away straight after that and managed to have the buses and trains fall pretty well into place. We had just enough time to grab a bite after which I pretty much collapsed and slept on the train back to Cardiff. When I woke up, David greated me with the news that I had gotten Best Speaker (Whoop) although I was so sleepy at the time it took a while to sink-in. It also turned out that David and the two other top breaking team debaters were tied 2nd on 306 points each.

It’s quite hard to imagine how it happened, but clearly it did. The fact of the matter is, for teams with 612 and 613 to break the individual scores so evenly as to have 306, 306, 306 and 307 is a very difficult task. Its quite a coincidence and I’ll be quite interested in the final tab.

But yes, Best Speaker, Breaking Team and all in my first BP tournament in the UK.
Conclusion – 12 Friday was a Good Day


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