The Windiest AC Run

Just got back from my weekly run. Ordinarily, I go along coastal path to the Nashpoint Lighthouse, run on to Marcross then take the road back to AC before a refreshing shower and heading back to work. Occasionally, I’ll go the other way, going from AC to Marcross to the lighthouse and back.

Since I got back in January, I’ve had only 2 other runs thanks to ACMUN. Neither have been the easiest runs with the first one muddy as hell (it had rained quite a bit before) and the other one freezing cold.

Today, the problem was neither the wet nor the cold… it was the wind. Running from AC to the lighthouse meant I had to take the coastal path. And boy did the wind pick me up. Despite wearing a balaclava, I could hear every wisp and every roar of the winds. On more than one occasion, I ended up running forwards as well as sideways in order to prevent myself from being blown sideways. In all honesty, I bet if I had had more billowing clothes, the wind might even have lifted me up or blown me back.

All’s fine now. And with a refreshing shower behind me, it’s back to work.