Medan English Debate Competition [MOTIONS]

From Hot Maringan Samosir on the IndoDebaters list

The Prepared Motions for the Medan English Competition for High Senior 2011, English Debate Category are

  • THBT development funding should be held by parliament members.
  • THW make regional agreement about border based on historical fact.
  • THBT there should be not any option to make corruptors free.
  • THW allows government to take over the public officer’s suspicious account for further investigation.
  • THBT Government must take action for PSSI.
  • THW allow civil servants to critize incumbent government.
  • THW give capital punishment to fundamentalists who have done anarchysm movement.
  • THBT government does not have any visible commitment about gender unequality.
  • THW let private company to play in electricity market.
  • THW not choose minister of religion from politicians.
  • THW ban blood relationship for the next general election.
  • THBT blocking blackberry service (RIM) service is unjustifiable.
  • THW abolish patents for green technology.
  • THBT Gayus’s cases will never find any result.
  • THBT politic is only about power of funding.


  • A-Core believe that some of you have been familiar with several motions, but A-core only considers about how to make this competition “easy to do” for beginner J so hopefully all participants respect this sincere willingness.
  • Even prepared motion has been launched, but A-core still has right to launch impromptu motion for particular round which we think “special”, that’s why participant must be aware with current issues J.
  • So, thank you so much and happy research!

Hot Maringan “Old Book” Samosir
Chief of Adjudicator