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Paul Chun Man Lau

Monday 17th January 2011

00:05 – My bags are packed, homework’s completed and all things are in order, time to switch off my little light and stop blinding my roommates.

07:00 – Thank God the alarm went off! Right, gotta get the brain working soon.

07:14 – Out of the house and down to breakfast. The dark, empty road is cold, but soothing and tranquil.

07:16 – Breakfast as usual: Porridge, Cereal and a cup of juice. A regular start to the day is always the best one.

07:32 – 28 minutes left before the first class of the day, just enough time to check emails and Google Reader news.

08:00 – Slid into Maths just in time. HL Maths really helps wake the brain up early on a Monday morning 😀

08:54 – First class is now over and Assembly’s up next. Better bring pen and paper, as usual, lots of announcements and notices from teachers and students alike.

09:35 – Free class means there’s enough time for a weekly gym session, spent most of it discussing the upcoming Atlantic College Model United Nations (ACMUN) with our Bahrainian organizer.

10:34 – Think I’ll skip the drinks in the dining hall, better go back to the dorm and grab my books for class.

13:25 – Hopping down the stairs from Econ, the joy of it being lunch time is palpable all around you. It’s a pity the lines are so long. Sometimes, your stomach just doesn’t know the meaning of patience.

13:45 – Stomach’s filled and it’s time to get to work. Thankfully there’s not much homework yet. Better check for any emails.

14:33 – Time to get cracking on preparing for ACMUN. There are a hundred or so pages to read and a speech to write.

16:00 – Library’s computer room is starting to fill up. Most services must be ending now.

17:25 – Dinner in 5 minutes, just managed to beat the queue, might as well pick up mail from the letter-boxes along the way, especially if the letter-boxes are just outside the entrance to the kitchen area.

17:45 – Full and content, it’s back to the library to start planning for the next term. What should be my priorities for Term 2?

19:00 – Term 2’s planned out, what next? Lots of new emails now, but better go back to the house to grab some work.

19:20 – It’s a good thing Morgannwg (my house) isn’t too far from the castle. Otherwise I’d have to walk for much longer. Right, time to crack on with SAT revision.

20:55 – The day’s starting to wind down, but not before Student Council. It’s our weekly hour-long Monday night meetings to discuss student issues regarding the school.

21:45 – Meeting’s over, time to head back to the house.

22:10 – Nearly check-in and the day-room is starting to fill up with people and conversations. It’s the perfect time to grab some toast, some of the famous Morgannwg jam for a snack just before bed.

22:40 – Foosball anyone?

23:00 – Back to the dorm and time to prepare for tomorrow.

23:25 – Another random and intriguing discussion within the dorm.

23:55 – Packed bags? Check. Homework? None. Tomorrow’s Schedule? Check.

24:00 – Time to turn off my little light and stop blinding my roommates.


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