Christmas Break: HK to UK

All in all, it had been an eventful if short holiday in HK. I meet SIS people, LPC people, Debaters, Church and Fellowship, Scout, Running; pretty much everyone I knew. When Jan rolled around, I was already miles behind in all the work I had to do. Honestly speaking, I’m still trying to catch-up šŸ˜€

And just when I started working abnormally hard, the 7th rolled by and it was time to leave HK. The bag looked as heavy as it felt, coming in at 29.6 kg and almost overwhelming me when it came to UK tube stairs. Despite going quite slowly, I was at my gate just 25 minutes after checking in although I was nearly 2:30 earlier than I needed to be. Although my 1:21 flight felt quite late, it turns out that the latest flight leaving the Hong Kong International Airport leaves at 2:35 in the morning with the earliest flight at 7:30.

When we boarded at 12:54, I noticed that there were a large number of students. No, not high-school students. Nearly half the plane was full of university students of all sorts. They by-in-large dissapeared once we landed at Heathrow at 6:06. They were renovating the Border Controla area, it did look rather good, but the que only took 17 minutes , rather unexpected for me. Interestingly enough, I was once agains topped by some workers collecting information and data, making it 2 out of 2, lucky for me.

While still on the plane, I sadly failed in my quest to watch 5 movies. I did fit in [1] The Social Network (a ltitle confusing in plot), [2] Megamine, [3] Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (should have watched ‘Wall Street’ first, ah well, there’s always Summer), [4] The Insider (which was really, really long at 2:37) and [5] Richard Hammond: Hong Kong International Airport (1 hour long). I had hoped to watch ‘The Stool Pigeon’ but a lack of time meant I could only fit in [6] Yes Minister!. I quite liked Hammond’s take on HKIA, talking about how it’s construction was aided by 18th century technology, a brass band, a WW2 bomber, a Russia Spy Bug and a 1930 race-car.

After a lot more of sitting around on a bus going from London to Cardiff and then Cardiff to Llantwit before I finally managed to go from Llantwit back to UWC Atlantic College. Ah, home sweet home. I was the 2nd one to move back in and since it was abnormally clean and empty, I took some shots. The photos are below:

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