Christmas Break: UK to HK

Given hindsight, I’d have to say that my own Christmas travels weren’t that bad. True, Megabus too nearly 2:40 just to reach the outskirts of London before we got bogged down in 30 minutes of traffic, but I did manage to finish Vantage Point and see the real M4 as opposed to the AC M4. Vantage Point was an interesting movie from a media perspective, especially in the way it used rewinding. But, the £1 bus ride did mean the start of a lot of sitting in a cramped seat, although being my size did help to relieve the burden.

Once we got to Victoria in London, I enjoyed a Chicken Tikka sub-of-the-day before embarking on an hour tube ride. Having only 1 luggage certainly helped, I can’t imagine going to AC on my own with 2 or 3 suitcase in tow! I still had 2 and a half hour to wait after I passed security at Heathrow at around 6, but thankfully, I found a charging point at a Boingo hotspot and was able to watch Salt before lining up for a 12 hour plane ride.

During those 5983 miles of flying, I watched ‘The Taker’ over dinner, finally enjoyed ‘Toy Story 3’ and saw ‘Despicable Me’ (meh). I was feeling sleepy so I had a nap and then played Golf, Tennis and watched Hannah Montana just to wake myself up. I still only managed to watch a fourth movie in 1 flight, finishing off with ‘The Expendables’. We landed earlier than expected, at 4:42, but my very early check-in meant I had to wait 25 minutes before my luggage came out.

Hopefully, on my return trip to the UK, I’ll be able to fit in 5 movies. After all, it is a 14 hour flight.