WSDC 2011 – December Update

Firstly, the first WSDC 2011 Newsletter 1 was released but it doesn’t seem to have been emailed to the WSDC community nor has it been publicized. To read or download the WSDC 2011 Newsletter 1, click here. Alternative, you can read the embedded newsletter below.
Some key points from the Newsletter are:

  • The CAs are Beth James and Andrew Marshall
  • The CAP will include Taimur Bandey (Pakistan), Dan De Kadt (South Africa), Hayah Eichler (Israel), Eirianna Kouri (Greece) and Malcolm Smart (Scotland)
  • Cultural events will likely included a practice dance session, a barbecue at the University of Dundee and participation at an Ifthar
  • An Edinburgh Day will most likely be held on the Saturday, coinciding with the Edinburgh Festival
  • Team Cap of 44
  • Bursarial Aid available to cover registration fees of debaters only
  • Registration fee at £480

Secondly, When visiting, I came across the following statement on WSDC 2011.

The World Schools Debating Championship is coming to Dundee in 2011. This prestigious event, which was inaugurated in 1988, is the premier international event for schools debating, and was last hosted by Scotland in 1991. It is taking place from 16th to 26th August and will bring 350 debaters, adjudicators and coaches to the city. Teams from 40 countries will participate in eight preliminary rounds, all to be held before audiences of pupils in Dundee secondary schools. The event has already attracted support from the City of Dundee Development Department, the University of Dundee and the University of Abertay Dundee. As the pinnacle of achievement for young debaters, the tournament is covered by national and local media outlets around the world. To find out more about the event and how your organisation can support it, visit

A few things caught my eye

  • While the bid document indicated 320 spots open for registration, it seems as early as September, there was talk of bringing “350 debaters, adjudicators and coaches to the city.”
  • No previous indication was given as to the team cap, but this statement indicates that “teams from 40 countries will participate in eight preliminary rounds”.
  • However, the first newsletter seems to top even 40, announcing a 44 team cap.
  • It also invites individuals to “visit”. The site, despite being owned by the Dundee City Council, does not seem to load any content no-matter how hard I try. In reality, the majority of the content is at
  • While nothing on the site can be viewed currently, the site’s URL is used for emails. For example, emails regarding the registration process are directed to while the Chief Adjudicators can be reached at