UWC Applications for Great Britain now open

For those who want to go to a UWC and are applying through the Hong Kong National Committee should check the Li Po Chun UWC website for more information. There is one more open day on the 27th November before applications are due on 7th December.
For people who want to go to a UWC and are applying through the Great Britain National Committee.

Applications are now open for 2011 entry to the United World Colleges. Students who have an open and inquiring mind and are interested in promoting a peaceful and sustainable future, are encouraged to apply by 14th January 2011.

The United World Colleges are a unique educational movement bringing young people together from all over the world for pre-university level learning. Students live together in an environment designed to foster international understanding, tolerance and peace. You can find more information about UWC here www.uwc.org

The first United World College, Atlantic College, opened in 1962 in Wales. There are now 13 United World Colleges (UWCs) in the UK, Singapore, Canada, Swaziland, the USA, Italy, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Norway, India, Costa Rica, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Netherlands. All UWCs share a commitment to unite people and cultures and encourage personal learning and growth.

The most unique aspect of a United World College education is studying alongside young people from an incredibly wide range of backgrounds and cultures- it is common for more than 80 nationalities to be represented in a College at any one time. All students are selected on merit and potential, and regardless of their ability to pay. Students follow the International Baccalaureate, which not only rigorously prepares them for university but also encourages an inquisitive, independent and questioning approach to learning. Alongside this students participate in a diverse range of outdoor activities, community service and creative opportunities which help to foster personal development.

The application process for all of the United World Colleges is conducted centrally through the National Committee of Great Britain. Selection is competitive and there is access to limited funds that can support students who might otherwise not be able to take up their places.

Application forms can be downloaded from www.uwc.org.uk/uwcgb/apply.


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