Half-Term Holiday: Part 4

Thanks to a new Atlantic College school calendar, the entire school received a well desired 1 week break between the 23 and 31 of October. Most people decided to go on holiday, the Europeans went home and some people stayed with Brits and Europeans. A lucky 40 or so people however, choose to stay at the school and spend the week living in St. Donat’s castle; including me. I stayed in a guest-room in one of the many castle towers. As you may have read, the place was infested with flies.
In part 1, I talked about my work, going climbing and going caving. In part 2, I talked about the AC open day 2010 and Jonathan’s showering. Finally, I explain my travels in Cardiff in part 3.


Over the half-term holiday, I had the pleasure of staying with Ollie (my Welsh roommate) in an area near Cardiff. That’s why I had my lengthy walk down to Cardiff Bay where i was kindly picked up by Ollie’s mum, Megan. It seemed that almost the entire world of Morgannwg boys had converged at Ollie’s house with Vincent, Julyen and Hans all staying there. With Hans leaving for London, I replaced him at the dining table, although I had a decidedly smaller appetite.

With an hour or two between dinner and when I arrived, I would ordinarily have pulled out some work and started plowing through homework. However, having promised myself not to work during these two days, I instead settled on reading the last Alex Rider book that I had yet to read – Crocodile Tears. Starting before dinner, I spent my 3 free hours plowing through the book and finally finished just before I went to bed.

But not before we had a lovely, delicious dinner courtesy of Megan, and a lengthy conversation about a strange collection of topics with Megan and David (Ollie’s dad). I honestly have no recollection as to how our conversations started, however I do clearly remember where it went. We talked about all forms of formal wear before moving on to the structure of the royal family, and David was nice enough to even give us a live demonstration of the various formal clothing styles. For me, my repertoire of formal wear consisted of a suit and a tail-coat. However, it turns out that there are dinner-jackets (your usual suit), tail-coats, and waist-coats. We even heard the strange story of a waist-coat that didn’t actually have any fabric around the back and was held together merely by straps. There were also the issue of a morning suit, top hat and the regular agony between a tie and a bow-tie. I would not dare to call myself an expert, and to be honest, I am still profusely confused over the various distinctions, but I certainly have a better understanding of the various types of formal wear. And not to mention having a very humorous and entertaining after-dinner discussion.

I went to the Cardiff Chinese Community Church Sunday morning before returning for lunch with Ollie’s dear grandmother. We were joined by our Maltese friend, Kristian, and the settled down to watch the San Francisco 49ers vs Denver Broncos NFL match in London. I am extremely confused just by Rugby as a sport, let alone the more complicated and strange sport of American Football. However, I thankfully had my Canadian Québécois friend Julyen to explain the rules. Now I am unlikely to embrace NFL or even take a like to the sport, but at least I can happily say I am no longer entirely confused by the rules and the game. At the least, I understand what is going on, even if I still struggle to see where exactly the ball is.

So there you are. Refreshed and rested. With most of my work done. I returned to UWC Atlantic College to continue on my long AC, IB, UK journey.


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