Half-Term Holiday: Part 2

Thanks to a new Atlantic College school calendar, the entire school received a well desired 1 week break between the 23 and 31 of October. Most people decided to go on holiday, the Europeans went home and some people stayed with Brits and Europeans. A lucky 40 or so people however, choose to stay at the school and spend the week living in St. Donat’s castle; including me. I stayed in a guest-room in one of the many castle towers. As you may have read, the place was infested with flies.
In part 1, I talked about my work, going climbing and going caving.

AC Open Day

On Wednesday, Atlantic College held its ‘Open Day’ for the British National Committee and potential applicants. There really wasn’t much to say except that there were some very interesting conversations that occurred.


At Atlantic College, there is a long-time tradition to celebrate people’s birthdays by pouring water over them. Usually this has little major significance, but given the cold weather in Wales, you can understand when it is taken seriously. Also, the surprise addition of egg, cereal or tomato juice in you ‘mixture’ really does make one thing agin before asking for a showering.
Nevertheless, when my Hong Kong second year went from 17-18, despite having not put it on Facebook and trying to keep it a low-profile event, I checked and made sure everyone knew. That’s how we came round to giving him an extra special 18th birthday showering. Like all other 18th birthdays, we threw him into the outdoor pool.