Return of the Fly

In our dorm at night, we were visited not by night-porters staff, but rather a whole host of flies. I myself had no problem with the visitors, however, my dearest second shared a deepest dislike for the flies. And so began a 30 minute discussion, about how best to rid our room of flies.

As typical Hong Kong people, our first thoughts came to what we refer to as the ‘tennis racket with electricity’! In addition to ridding us of our fly problem, we justified this purchase as a possible addition to our national evening show. Sadly, neither of my co-years Adrian or Sara were going to get back in time to tackle our immediate problems so we returned to our ancient roots. Glue on paper, sticker tape on ceilings, all the nomadic ways of dealing with such pests were considered. Finally, in desperation, we turned to the internet for escape, considering the purchase of a night-fly killer. All in all though, we ended up buying and implementing nothing.

Giving up on modern technology and equipments all together, we resorted to using rolled up bits of paper and tissue paper once they had fallen to the ground. I have to say, it was a highly effective method. Sadly, as soon as one fly was removed from the scene, another one appeared in its place, as if they were spawning at increasingly quicker rates. The endless stream of fly continued well into our sleep. At the time of writing, a little before I went to bed, we had two new fly to replace their three brothers.

In the end, we just gave up and lived with the flies. That’s the power of AC, turning someone from an animal killing modern man, to someone who lives with insects and creepy crawlies of all kind without so much as caring. To be honest, having bees buzz around still puts me on my nerves ends. But then again, things have to be taken slowly.