Debating Archive: THW Assassinate dictators

While I was packing for my long journey to the UK, I stumbled upon a trove of old debating notes with some interesting artifacts. One of them, featured below, is an opposition case on the motion that ‘THW assassinate dictators’

  • Practical implementation
    1. There are hundreds of factors that mean the assignation itself isn’t always going to work successfully. This means that the dictator might not actually die.
    2. Problems could include
      • Secrecy, killers, innocent bystanders, weapons, place, location etc
      • Where the assignation isn’t successful, which is highly likely, we’d be on the verge of war and heightened tensions and make changing things even harder
  • Even if the dictator is assented, the aim of installing a more free society is not achieved for two reasons
    1. Dictatorship remains in the country as power is simply transferred to someone else
      • A successor may already have been selected. Kim Jong Ill is a good sample. He was trained by his father and is now grooming a successor
      • The arm or the police may seize power, this is where a dictators true power often lies
      • Influential advisors may simply take over the rein, making absolutely no change to the situation
      • If a personality cult really exists as the proposition say, then power can verity easily be transferred to someone seen as a ‘successor’
    2. If no clear successor takes over, the country lapses into civil war for lack of a leader
      • Infighting between the previously named factions might occur
      • Instability wouldn’t hurt the top brass but the people at the bottom most
      • Discontent inside the country against outsiders who see the effects as caused by outsiders might make installing a democracy more difficult
  • Summary: Assignation itself isn’t fail proof. And even if it was successful, because power could be easily transferred to a successor, or internal strife would ensue, a democracy would be difficult to install
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