Lean left, most likely liberal. Lean right, most likely conservative

Politics is known to be weird and strange. But I’d never thought that it would come down to this. A recent study indicates that the direction in which you lean when sitting affects one political belief’s. In short, people that leaned to the left indicated a more liberal attitude while people who leaned to the right showed a more conservative attitude.

A prominent metaphor in American politics associates left with liberals and right with conservatives. Three studies investigate the extent to which this metaphor not only shapes how people talk about politics, but how people think about politics. Participants who are oriented to their right report more conservative political attitudes, while those who are oriented toward their left report more liberal attitudes. This supports the notion that spatial metaphor is a key ingredient underlying abstract thinking even for important belief systems.

I’m not sure how reliable this study really is. But if the study was correctly done, then it sheds light on a very interesting social phenomena.


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