Ecofont: Save money, ink and the environment

[tweetmeme source=”@paullaucm” only_single=false]Matthew Robinson was trying to compare which typeface used the least amount of ink when drawn with a ballpoint pen. ( His conclusion was that Garamond was best followed by courier and then Brush Script. Impact and Copper Black came in last and second last. But it’s what he didn’t try that makes a difference.
The font he didn’t try was ‘ecofont’ which “‘shoots’ holes into the letters that you have typed!” That is fascinating in itself, and all the more so when you realise that this has no effect on legibility.” What’s cool is that it has absolutely no effect on legibility nor how you work. It only comes into affect when you print. The creators says it “generally enables you to save up to 25% of ink or toner.” Whilst difficult to ascertain, it almost certainly means you save loads of money and ink.

The only think I wish it had was the ability to alter settings. In the sample document they provide, the holes look too big to make reading easy. Maybe I could just shrink them a little?!

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