More Blogs!

Since I last featured blogs, a number of other people have decided to take the plunge and start their own blogs.

In Hong Kong, WEUer, who HAD and subsequently deleted it, decided to set up another blog to his passion, this time using a very canadian centric ‘Literature Eh!’ to focus on the English language, which as far as I understand doesn’t come from Canada and hasn’t been particularly helped by Canadians. Nevertheless, Kenneth took the name and even went as far as to set up an extra twitter account. He seems to be doing quite well despite having to toy around with blogger, wordpress and multiple twitter accounts.

Also in Hong Kong, the boys from Sha Tin have also picked up their pens (or rather keyboard) and started their own little bit of blogging. Also known as Annette’s minions, both Irving Teng and Justin Wong has got their own blogs, both on wordpress at and respectively. At least someone will be able to take over debating reporting once I fly out.

Another debater has dabbled his feet in blogging, albeit using Google Blogger. Hubrack, our beloved Qatari debater who hails from Jordan, has started his blog at

The only other blogsphere related news is that HKSDC’s wordpress website/blog is now up and running. It was launched a while back, but with exams soon to be over and a long summer before us, me and Heather hope to inject a few major improvements to the website in time for the next academic year. So keep checking at because the website will be undergoing furious development come July. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, feel free to drop us a word.



    1. Ah. Have I not featured your poetry yet? I apologize.
      Rest assured though, I have been following it. In all honesty!
      And Yes. We should 🙂

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