We all have our own special speaking styles. A friend of mine was unique amongst us. During our spare time, us bored out friends compiled the following Chaktionary, the first every comprehensive list of our HOly one. Understandably, the chaktionary contains parts of his name, see if you can guess these.

Kongmunism – Communism
Kongmunist – Communist
Awwstralia – Australia
Kongatition – Politician
Homocracy – Democracy
Ho, Ho, Ho – Welcome to Awwstralia
The Divine Hoder – The Divine Leader
Awwsome – Description of our divine hoder
Hovernment – Government
HOly Bible – Holy Bible
HOly – Holy
Kongly – Holy
Chakniversity – University
Chakformation Hommunication Kongnology – Information Communication Technology
Hook – The look of intelligence when you do not actually understand what is being communicated
King Kong – HO Chak Kong, our divine hoder

Kongregate – Congregate
Kongspiracy – Conspiracy
Kong bu zhang – Can’t Blow!
Awwwstruck – Awesome
Ho Ng Kong – From Chak to Ng to make Hong Kong
KKK – King Kong Ko
Chess – Chak Bless
Chessing – Chak Blessing
Koke – Hoke
Kongpilcated – Complicated
Kongee – Congee
Kongmunicate – Conmunicate
Kongpleted – Completed
Konggology – Study of HO Chak Kong
Web HOsting – Web Hosting
Kongestion – Congestion
Kongruent – Congruent
Kongdom – Kong Kingdom
Kongdom – Condom
Awwful – Awful
HOstage – Hostage
Kongcentration – Concentration
Kongping – Coping
Kongpile – Compile
Kongputer – Computer
Ninkongpoop – Ninconpoop
Rekongnaissance – Reconnaissance
Awwmost – Almost
Kongplete – Complete
Chak this – Bing/Google This
Window Vistawww – Window Vista
The Information Awwge – The Information Age
e-Kongmerce – eCommerce
Kongmerce – Commerce
Chak – Check
Kongclusion – Conclusion
Chakapedia – Wikipedia
Kongnerable – Vulnerable
Chakmate – Check mate
Pay Chak – Pay check
Pay by Chak – Pay by check
Kongpromise – Compromise
Kongfirmed – Confirmed
Kongfirm – Confirm
Kong Flu – The Flu
Kongo – Congo
KongHo – Congo
Kongflict – Conflict
Konstruction – Construction
Chaktion – Attraction
Kongsolidate – Consolidate
Colin Kongtgomery – Colin Montgomery
Kongfederation – Confederation
Kong Fu – Kung Fu
Kongcentrated – Concentrated
Kongatation – Connotation
Kongtract – Contract
Kontract – Contract
Kongtract – Contract
Kongmunity – Community
Kongtradict – Contradict
Chakoslovakia – Czekoslovakia
Chak Republic – Czech Republic
Kongday – Any day of the week
Kongdalesa Rice
Ho is the leader of China
Chakole – Charcole
Kongfused – Confused
Konsentration – Concentration
Kongest – Congest
Konbat – Combat
Holympics – Olympics
Kongarthims – Algorathims
Martin Luther Kong
Kongpy – Copy
Konk – Bonk
Kongoperate – Conoper
Kong Chi – Air in chinese
Chak Lap Kong
Koogle – Google
Kongical Flask – Conical Flask
Ice-Cream Kong – Ice-Cream Cone
ReChak – Reject
EChak – Eject
HOme – Home
Chakolate – Chocolate
Foreign Kongrespondents Club – Foreign Correspondents Club
Kongmutation – Comutation
Kongbination – Combination
Pacer – Mechanical pencil
The idiot box – Television
Happy as Larry – A term used to describe a human being when you are as happy as Larry
Kongquerer – Conquere

And as a special treat :

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Kong Who?
I’m Kong Ho, not Kong Who!

If you have any additions, please leave them in the comments below.


  1. Pacer – Mechanical pencil
    The idiot box – Television
    Happy as Larry – A term used to describe a human being when you are as happy as Larry

    (14 April 2010)

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