WordPress Craze

Ever since I first started blogging on WordPress way back in October last year, we have seen wordpress begin to snake its way through the community with WEUer on KennethChan.com and Heather Pickerell joining the blogsphere.

More recently however, I have seen what I can only describe as a ‘WordPress Craze’

First there was fellow debater and SISer Tiffany Chung’s new blog titled ‘Tiffany Chung’s Blog’. She’s known to have a lot to say and way too many opinions, so maybe this may spare our ears.

Then there came another debater, this time from Queens College Hong Kong, as Benjamin So launched his blog ‘Put into Perspective’. The self described

epitome of the typical Asian student – Chinese, bookish, arrogant, ignorant and career-minded.

During WSDC itself, I helped the gaffe loving ‘funny’ guy to set up a blog of his own after he saw mine. Micheal.com from Michael Nauta himself provides a Namibian perspective that looks to shake things up and provide a good humorous time.

Happy Blogging Guys! Best of Luck!



  1. Checked a few of those blogs. Impressions:

    Mr. So is like an even more infuriating version of Paul. At least Paul doesn’t _put it out there,_ if you know what I mean.

    Ms. Pickerell is an upgraded version of Paul. Propro!

    Tiffany: Screw you too. (Spits it out like some foul… thing:) _Feminist._

    *Parts of this comment have been edited to fit the etiquette of discussion (Think about our wonderful SIS forum http://vle.sis.edu.hk/)*

    1. At the same time, few people can really be bothered to set up a blog.
      Its mainly because the people I know rarely bother to set up blogs. Full fledged blogs have only come into fashion in HK schools in recent times.

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