HKPDS SW 2010 Canceled

UPDATE : From individuals intimately involved with the organization of HKPDS, it has been decided that the HKPDS Summer Workshop 2010 will again be run, albeit on a smaller scale.

One of the most popular debating workshops in Hong Kong is the annual Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society (HKPDS) Summer Workshop. However sadly, it appears that HKPDS Summer Workshop 2010 will not be held this year due to funding problems.
From the organizers at HKPDS posted on Facebook :

Dear all,

I realize many of you have been waiting excitedly for the announcements regarding HKPDSSW 2010. There has been a buzz even on facebook as we have noticed many of you clearing that time in July and asking people to be partners.

It is with much regret then, that I must inform you that HKPDSSW 2010 will not be happening. Various concerns have meant that the marquee event of HKPDS is infeasible this year. This is not to say that HKPDS will never again be able to hold a SW, indeed I can assure you that we are looking at 2011 to make a return if possible.

Until then, keep debating.

To my knowledge, there are a number of alternative summer debating courses being planned and in the work by other organizations. I will post further details here as it comes in.
Hopefully we will be able to attend HKPDS SW 2011.



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