SDIOP – Review

The school has never done it before, at least not in the 5 years that I’ve been at SIS, and I have no idea why the school suddenly decided to do so, perhaps it has to do with IB or maybe it’s to do with the CIS/WASC accreditation the school desperately wants. Regardless of the motivation, the school finalized the ‘School Development, Improvement and Operation Strategic Plan 2009-2010’ in September 09.

A few words about its creation:
A very brief draft had been shown to Student Council ONCE before and demanded that all copies be returned at the very same meeting which means no-one knew how it has changed since then. Those in the School Council, even the student representative not only refuse to give details, they are bound by some kind of contract to stay mute under a gag-order.

The fact that it was finalized during the summer holidays at the start of the school year means that Student Council wasn’t consulted on the final version. Surprise!

I received a copy of the SDIOP from Mr. Wray after sending my request in. Here is a summary of the proposal and a sign of where SIS’s development will go.

  • Student population will remain at 1,400 for the time being
  • The school is “not yet ready to take that (MYP) decision although the developments are largely aligned with the approach of MYP”
  • More cross-curriculum links amongst subjects and across years
  • An integrated Humanities program to be introduced for year 7’s starting next school year
  • 1,250,000 maximum for development of creative subjects within curriculum over the next 3 years
  • 200,000 for training and planning of new IB language courses to begin teaching in 2011-2012 academic year
  • All students with few exceptions to focus on one language from year 9 with possibility of extending this to year 7 or 8
  • New ‘Moodle’ learning platform at piloted in Maths, English, LF and DT to be completed by 2011-2012
  • Release of Moodle in Spring 2012
  • Increased international education links with China and HK schools and possibly African, French and Spanish schools in 2012-2012
  • Consideration and review of early entry, fast track and pre IB courses for certain students
  • Online school calendar arrangements finalized
  • “Extended student representation and leadership on school consultative groups”
  • CIS/WASC accreditation in March 2012
  • 300,000 for staff leadership development
  • Staffing costs increase 1 million per year with no new staffing changes
  • A possible new building costing 60 million or more to be decided by the School Council this year
  • New public announcement scheme installed in 2009-2010
  • Learning at SIS sent 3 times a year
  • New annual report published yearly
  • Atrium strategy approved by School Council in December 2009

Appendix D – IB Diploma Results 2009

The strange and quirky results reporting I noted in a previous post was once again, suspiciously repeated at the end of the SDIOP. Once again, the comparative results were left out

Verdict – Skim


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