10 Greasemonkey Scripts to enhance Google

We all use google on a regular basis whether we like it or not. But the company isn’t always able to integrate other services without compromising commercial interests. Even the wonderful firefox addons I looked at last time don’t do everything we want. Thankfully Userscripts and Userstyles provides javascript to customize the look and feel of various google services. Here’s a list of 10 good scripts that should be used in conjunction with greasemonkey.

Add twitter results when searching google

Super iGoogle
A minimalist iGoogle interface saving screen space to fit more content in

iGoogle Transparent Header
Compact the content and create a transparent header so your eyes don’t hurt

Google Products
Take advantage of all of Google’s services without having to stray from Google’s homepage

Gmail Mac Theme
Use a Mac OS X theme with Gmail

Gmail Ads
Remove the annoying ads in gmail and read emails in a wider panel

Google Reader Mac Theme
Google Reader with a Mac OS X theme

Google Reader Mac Theme Refined
The refined addition of Google Reader’s Mac OS X Theme

Google Book Downloader
Download google books thanks to this script

For Google Reader, I would also suggest Helvetireader at http://www.helvetireader.com and this simple layout.


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