Student Council Forum

From Mr. J Wray,

Message to all students from the Chair of the Student Council
Dear All,

The Student Council Forum is an avenue for student voice within the school. Rather than only feeding back to your year representatives and the Student Council, you can post on the forum and have a direct input on decisions that affect you and your experience at school. The forum is a method of increasing student voice in the school by fostering more communication and collaboration within the student body.
It is split in to specific sections for the Whole School, Senior School, Middle School and Year 7. Post your own topics or discuss existing topics that relate to positive aspects of your school life, things you wish to improve or just general discussion. You should give reasons for your opinions.
The forum can be found at by clicking on the footprint icon.

To use the forum, you must log in with your school e-mail username (e.g. 11doej1). Your password will be your birthdate in the form DDMMYY (e.g. 120697) unless the first digit of the password is 0 in which case it becomes 60697 for 6th June 1997.

This means that all posts in the forum are made in your name. By using the forum, you are agreeing to use the forum in a useful and responsible way and that your comments are mature and disciplined.

This means that:
• Messages should not be malicious or offend. No profanity should be used, and each post should be respectful towards other members of the school community.
• Personal disagreements are discouraged and should not be conducted through the forum
• Items discussed should pertain primarily to Student Voice and School issues

All forums are moderated by the Student Council and inappropriate use of the forum will be reported and followed up on.

Please make full use of the forum as it is an extremely useful tool to express and discuss your opinions!

Best Regards,

Aneri Shah
on behalf of
The Student Council

My personal summary of the forum as it is is this

“Say what you like but if we don’t like it, it will get removed and you will be held responsible”



  1. Interesting take on the forum.
    We’ve received lots of complaints which we are fine with, there’s always room for improvement and we acknowledge that. But it is a school forum and you have to recognise that. We can’t encourage swearing and misuse of the forum and I’m sure you realise that, having been on the Student Council instead.
    If you have any suggestions on how to improve the forum and make it more democratic, why don’t you put them on there?

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