South Africa WSDC 2012 Bid

This is part of the WSDC 2010 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2010 from Doha, Qatar as a debater, blogger and Hong Kong national team member.

South Africa’s bid for the 2012 WSDC was distributed today. If successful, the competition will be held in Cape Town, South African with sponsorship from Standard Bank and accommodation at the Ritz Hotel. Here is South Africa’s WSDC 2012 Bid Document. Here is their bid letter :

Dear Claire and Worlds Council

This letter is a formal indication of South Africa’s intention to bid to host the 2012 World Schools Debating Championships. We propose to host the tournament from 17-27 January 2012 (South African summertime) in Cape Town. The planned tournament would accommodate 48 teams.

Please see attached a copy of our bid document and a letter of support from our sponsors, Standard Bank South Africa. Below follows certain information which we didn’t put into the public bid document, but which Council will need in order to make their decision.

Places of Residence of Organising Committee Members
Irene Pampallis (Convenor) – Johannesburg, South Africa
Taimur Bandey (Chief Adjudicator) – Lahore, Pakistan
Daniel de Kadt (Deputy Chief Adjudicator) – Oxford, England/Johannesburg, South Africa
Kerilynne Cloete – Cape Town, South Africa
Sean Darge – Cape Town, South Africa
Jessica Price – Cape Town, South Africa
Mark Schoeman – Cape Town, South Africa
Adrian Marcia – Johannesburg, South Africa
Joe Roussos – Johannesburg, South Africa

Host Organisation
The tournament will be hosted by a specifically mandated non-profit organisation, The World Schools Debating Championships: Cape Town 2012. Our registration has not yet been finalised, as it is still being processed by the Registrar of Non-Profit Organisations. Hopefully the registration should be finalised soon (the legislation sets a two month maximum period for the Registrar to process applications, and that deadline expired some months ago). In the meantime, do also note that we are associated with the South African Schools Debating Board, which is a registered NPO, and that all of our money will be managed by the Centre for Education Policy Development, which is a registered Section 21 Company and has been managing donor funds for projects in the field of education and development since 1993.

Curriculum Vitae – Chief Adjudicator: Taimur Bandey
2010 Member of the CAP – WSDC Doha
2009-10 Motions Committee – WSDC Athens, WSDC Washington
2008 Member Complaints Committee – WSDC Washington
2007-10 Elected three times to the WSDC Executive Committee
2007-present President of the Debating Society of Pakistan
2007-8 Judged finals – WSDC Seoul, WSDC Washington
2002-present Selection Committee for Team Pakistan
Judged multiple Pakistani National Championships
Judged at the National Law School Debates – Bangalore, India
Ran debating workshops – New Delhi, India

Draft Budget
This is an abridged version of our budget – please do let us know if you’d like a more comprehensive one.

Accommodation   ZAR 2,205,000.00
Events                    ZAR 497,400.00
Meals (excl. breakfast & events)       ZAR 142,200.00
Transport              ZAR 151,287.00
Outings                  ZAR 241,900.00
Conferencing        ZAR 59,944.00
General Operations and Admin        ZAR 210,304.00
Advertising           ZAR 5,600.00
Prizes and Souvenirs                           ZAR 116,547.00
WSDC 2011 (Flights, Registration)  ZAR 127,800.00
Insurance              ZAR 75,160.00
Contingency         ZAR 483,314.00
Fund Management                             ZAR 258,987.00
Inflation                ZAR 1,852,725.00

Total Expenditure ZAR 6,428,168.00

Income (Registration Fees @ R3,000.00) ZAR 1,215,000.00

Balance (Sponsorship) ZAR 5,213,168.00

I hope that everything you need has been included with this communication. If there is anything else that you need, please let us know and we will happily send it along.

Kind regards,

Irene Pampallis
Chair: Bidding Committee for Cape Town 2012



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