Debate Diary

Since the last post at the end of November, few developments have occurred with a lazy Christmas season and an extended Sing Tao break.

Over the new year, the World University Debating Championship 2010 were held in Turkey Thanks, to Alfred Sinder’s reporting and updates at Global Debate, you can recap the chain of events. you can also see the wonderful Grand Final video here from Mr. Snider.

The pace is set to pick up with Sing Tao Round 2 and 3 as well as the Bar Semi and Grand Finals looming before March dawns.
Hong Kong Debating has been slow but is set to pick up again after only one competition in December and January. In the Bar Association Debating Competition, SIS, CIS, LSC and DGS progress to the semi-final. The semi-final motion is ‘Lawyers make better mediators’

A drained group of 5 will also be traveling with Mr. G Forse and Mr. M Evershed to the World Schools Debating Championship 2010 in Doha Qatar. More on that later.



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