Hootsuite-WordPress integration

This is a test for the hootsuite’s ability to integrate with wordpress.

Hootsuite recently had a new feature added to its limited range whereby it is possible to post a blog post from Hootsuite without actually having to set foot on https://paullau.wordpress.com as I often have to do. This is the first time I am testing this.

On a different note with regards to Hootsuite, it has a good integration although sadly it is limited in certain aspects with regards to load speed and being able to bring together various social media services. It supports PingFM, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn and Facebook. RSS support is woefully limited and it doesn’t fit news reading at all.

If you want to go and try it yourselves, just pop over to http://hootsuite.com/ and check it out.

It appears however that Hootsuite lacks power editing of content in a major way. I think that will be its major flaw in terms of WordPress integration.