World Record: Hong Kong

As a former shipping port, nothing more than a dot on the map and not even an official country, Hong Kong is not known for being the most important in the world. Sure, our stock market is a regional powerhouse, but with the mighty red dragon just over the border, even Hong Kong’s best asset its financial sector is beginning to look pale beside the likes of Beijing and Shanghai.

Nevertheless, Hong Kong has a surprising list of accomplishment to its name, including a few World Records. Here’s a rundown of Hong Kong’s top 10 records.

Longest Escalator System

Hong Kong is home to the longest escalator systems. Yes, Systems. Plural. The longest is the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator covering 790m with Ocean Park’s escalator second in 220m length.

Tallest Buildings

IFC used to have the record, but the International Commerce Centre has taken over as Hong Kong’s highest building. In world standings, ICC ranks 4th with 3 others joining it in the top 18. It stands 3rd if you ignore decorative spirals

Largest Single Airport Terminal

At 570,000 meter squared, the Hong Kong International Airport was the single largest terminal in the world. That was until Beijing’s Terminal 3 took over on the 29th February 2008. Even though, HK remains one of the busiest airports in the world, a great achievement given it’s relative small size.

Third Banana Throw Adopters

First it happened in Iraq to Bush, then in Germany to Hu, the 3rd adopters in the latest protesting craze was Hong Kong against Tsang. Who knew our Chief Executive was ranked the 3rd in the world. Sadly, the brilliant aim of the League of Social Democrats and Long Hair was so good that like all other attempts, they never found their mark. He tried again with the other Tsang but again failed.

Smallest Disney Theme Park

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is the smallest of all the theme parks currently opened. Roundly criticized, it has begun work on an expansion although it will remain extremely small in comparison.

Largest Three Legged Race

We may have two legs, but we operate on three just as well. We had 80 pairs of three legged people going around 200 meters January 10 this year, all of them lawyers. Who knows, they can walk the talk and talk the walk!

First Opening Ceremony on Water

Hong Kong broke new water literally and figuratively with the Opening Ceremony of the Hong Kong East Asian Games held on water, the first time it had ever happened. The first on-water opening ceremony of a multi-sport competition went of without any major gaffs.


Hong Kong may not seem the best candidate to muster a loud scream. But that’s just what happened. People attending FAM’s concert at HKITEC screamed to a volume of 131.6 decibels to clinch the world record.

Swimming Relay

The record for the most swimmers to complete a lap within one hour is 159 and was set by swimmers from Guangdong and Hong Kong in an event organised by the Hong Kong Society for the Blind at La Salle College Swimming Pool, in Hong Kong, China on 14 October 2007.

Origami Mosaic

Organized by the Hong Kong Youth Visual Arts Association, Hong Kong Chinese Arts Festival, Lo Fung Art Gallery Ltd. and Hong Kong Union of Visual Artists Limited, a mosaic measuring 320.87 meter squared consisting solely of origami was finally completed after more than 9 hours.

Largest Origami Mosaic



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