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2009: The Year

Aretha Franklin's Hat

Aretha Franklin's Hat

The decade has ended, so too has 2009. Here’s a roundup of how it went. From political triumph and failure to sporting tragedy and comebacks. Of course we said our fair share of farewells and both sad and fond memories of special anniversaries.

The year began in January hot on the heals of the US historic election of Barack Obama, the first Black US President who was inaugurated. Of course, no-one can ever forget Aretha Franklin’s bold hat she wore for the inauguration.

Obama quickly had his first 100 days and even completed the one year anniversary of his presidency. His memorable White House correspondents dinner speech was matched by Wanda Sykes own address.

By then, the world was beginning to loose many of its public figures including Michael Jackson and maestro politician and only remaining Kennedy brother, Edward M. Kennedy who’s memorable DNC convention address we all still remember.

In October, the large scale military parade in China coincided with he 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Kayne West stole both Taylor Swifts mic and the media spotlight in one foul stupid move. The ‘jackass’ as Obama called him was only ridiculed as Beyonce made up to Taylor Swift. A gaffe matched by the balloon boy fiasco who’s parents are now being charged. Sarah Palin however stole the lie of the year with her comments on ‘death panels’. was launched in October with this first blog post. In December, we discovered both Wood’s ‘transgressions and the most ‘legendary’ moment of the HKEAG, the Hong Kong Soccer Team’s surprise win. No star however rose faster than Susan Boyle and her dream.

The Economy seemed to be rebounding only for the hopes to fade as quickly as Hopenhagen became Brokenhagen before which Obama had just received his controversial Nobel Peace Prize. it took all the way till Christmas, but finally, Congress passed a much needed Health-Care reform bill.

An THAT was the year – 2009

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