Climate Change: Global Drowning in Brokenhagen

The world had high expectations. But once again, the world was disappointed by bickering and selfishness amongst national leaders. Copenhagen was intended to hammer out an intentional consensus to solving Climate Change. Even before it began, the conspiracy effort to lower expectations and allow nations to skive off requirements began.

First was the questionable time of events of ClimateGate. Admittedly, the emails raised considerable questions. The fact that such phrases were ever used calls for the scientists to review their actions. But a few dubious emails don’t sustain a denial. The few emails that were stolen don’t suddenly overturn the thousands of pages of evidence that shows Climate Change is real and present. In the wider picture, it is still painfully clear that Climate Change is real and that we need to do something about it.Even the political arm of the White House tried to shy away from the issue by scheduling Obama’s appearance at an unimportant time before the realities of the world forced him to make a prime-time visit that created both failure and success.

Then there were the pretenders. Whilst the world pleaded, India and China pouted and refused to take the moral imperative or high ground, refused to take the issue seriously and refused to do anything. Whilst they would beg to differ with their announced cuts in carbon efficiency, it was another nice gesture that did nothing at all. The announcement merely means that China has positioned itself to continue pumping more greenhouse gases in the future. Higher carbon efficiency doesn’t limit the overall carbon output.

The signs were no better as the conference began. For all the symbolism and significance of the speeches, nothing concrete, no actions were being proposed, taken or accepted. By the time leaders began arriving, the conference had degenerated into shouting matches between China and the US with neither side wanting to do anything and hoping the other would solve the problem

Eventually, the pressure for a deal forced US, China, India, Brazil and South Africa to create a toothless, meaningless, pointless Copenhagen accord that they then proceeded to shove down the throat of others. The EU hated it, the G77 hated it. In fact nobody who attended the conference liked it, even Obama expressed frustrations and failures.

Whilst it was indeed a step forward, it appears to be in the wrong direction. Removing the impetus and urgent need for radical action and giving others an excuse to just carry on as usual. While Berlin looms on the horizon, it is unlikely to muster the momentum.

The city that renamed itself ‘Hopenhagen‘ for the conference has shamelessly become ‘Brokenhagen’.

Let’s just hope ‘Global Warming’ doesn’t become ‘Global Drowning’.


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