5 Lessons from Mock Exams

Mock Exams are finally over. Everyone is taking a short break. But one must learn from the past to improve in the future.
Here’s 5 lessons from the 2009 December Mock Exam.

  • The moment you walk into the hall, you are under exam conditions. No communication, even to invigilators.
  • Remember that the chairs are a regulation distance away. They are far away enough to prevent you from cheating, but close enough for you to kick the person in front of you.
  • Check for wobbly tables. Despite the fact that dozens of people have already used those tables before, they’ll always be wobbly. Why? Nobody knows.
  • If you forget to bring a calculator, just use your phone. (Courtesy of Khin-Shwe).
  • At the end of exams, you are released in ‘rows‘ that are actually ‘vertical‘!
  • Happy Christmas Holiday and Enjoy the Break.


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