Health-Care Reform: Cost

The issue has dragged on for months, even years if not decades and multiple presidencies. Presidents have come and gone and yet no substantive health-care reform has taken shape. Hillary Care was defeated during Clinton’s time and Obama care is walking a political tightrope in the senate. There have been both legitimate questions and pointless bickering on both sides of the political divide. Regardless of political affiliation, we need to move forward on the issue. Here’s where I think the debate should go.


To increase or decrease the national debt. That is the question

With the US National Debt amounting to over 12 trillion, the cost of the health-care plan has been an issue for concern. Indeed, Republicans have long be running ads such as these :

If on any aspect of the health-care bill I disagree with the left, it’s on the cost. Ultimately, my principle on health-care is that “the bill must pay for itself”

That is to say it must at least save as much as it costs. In fact, wherever possible, the bill should cut costs, in some areas even giving up unnecessary policy for cost saving measures.

The reason is simple, because unless it is budget neutral or budge surplus, it will fail. Medicaid & Medicare have been losing money and it has lost political support and acceptance in general. Cost saving not only helps the country and helps sustain the program, it appears to be the status of the current bill. At least according to‘s report



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