Webus Internet

We’ve had location centric internet access for a long time, Ethernet based in the home, Wifi based in the office or school, we’ve even had Wifi made available just about anywhere with WiFi available territory wide. I saw a few weeks ago and was able to test today for the very first time a service provided by Yahoo and First Bus in Hong Kong which they term “Webus“. I’m not entirely sure if this is We-bus or Web-us. Either way, it is still a free wi-fi service that is availible not based upon a geographically location, but based upon the mode of transportation that you take. It is a model based upon where people are rather than where the wi-fi is. It’s a cool concept, whether it is massively different, I don’t think so. At least it can be said you correspondent had a lot of fun on the bus for a first time!


  1. Interesting post Paul!

    I never really understood 3G/3GS in the Hong Kong context. From tech blogs I read, it seems like NYC, LA and other big cities in the US are virtually 100% connected. But are they like PCCW in HK where you have to pay (a lot or not I don’t know) for internet access? Or is it free for all? Perhaps you can do your next post on that to save me from having to my own research 🙂

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