With less than two weeks left on the block, the Hong Kong East Asian Games are on the path to being the biggest sporting event ever organized by the minute city-state of Hong Kong. Unless we successfully manage to bid and host the Asian Games (English, Chinese)

Despite my attempts to buy tickets to hot events like diving, table tennis and swimming when tickets first came out, I returned empty handed. Most likely because of the overloaded internet server that failed to process my purchase EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Thankfully, the organizing comittee were intelligent enough to leave students with a set of tickets in hope they’d help fill the stadium. And so when I got this notice, I jumped and got my tickets to Swimming, Table Tennis and Rugby Sevens.

Sadly, there’s on fine print that I don’t like very much.

Students must bring along acceptable proof of identity/age

This means sadly that the tickets are students only. Nevertheless, free HKEAG tickets are hard to come by.
I’ve got mine, have you?



    1. Actually. Ironically, I never turned up due to mocks. They were all during either exams or shortly there-after.
      I was thinking more about HKEAG rather than the sport really.

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