5th Floor Renovation Design Release [UPDATE]

Shortly after my previous post regarding the ambiguous and very internal decision-making process on the 5th Floor Atrium project, the school took a rather drastic move. Whilst not implying any correlation, here’s what I wrote on Friday last week :

Now, the school finally has had the guts to show everyone the design, of what has been publicized as an atrium, in the most nonpublic way possible – Posting it on a notice board in the foyer.

Shortly there after, in the middle of last week, the school choose to move the notice board from the side of the foyer to the center, blocking up two of the four entrances along the way.

Whilst a major disruption to the heavy flow of traffic that ought to have been considered, it’s certainly a step forward in that at least more people will know about the existence of the abstract photos.

If the school truly intends to get our ‘true’ opinion on this issue, perhaps it would act on these suggestions :

There doesn’t seem to be a mechanism to comment or give suggestions on the design, nor did it appear that any student opinions were even involved in the creation of the design.

As of now however, it’s a one way communication. No details, no consultation, no questions, just some rather obscure, abstract and vague artist impressions created solely from the thoughts of the school leadership team.