EE: Economics Exam

Taking a public exam is never easy. Having to do a public exam earlier than normal is difficult. Having to do a public exam earlier than normal on your own is the most insane experience in life.

Imagine having to have two years worth of work completed in three quarters of the time and only starting to speed up after one year. That equals to learning one years worth in half the time. If anything, the theories and concepts plus coursework is equatable to suicide. Then having to walk into an exam hall all on your own with one student in the entire room with an invigilator staring at your every move; it begs to put the word ‘pressure‘ into perspective.

That was the situation I faced on today. A dizzying, freaky and exhilarating two hours and fifteen minutes economic exam in the conference room all alone. It’s hard to put that kind of feeling into words. Let’s just say the revision, lessons and past-papers never seem to be sufficient no matter how often and carefully you do them. Once in an exam, everything seems to fly out the head and what used to be a dramatic pause in conversation becomes a total mental blank. If anything I learnt from this unnerving experience, you can never prepare enough even though it will always be insufficient.

Next Up : 24 Math past papers ending in another two hour exam. Thankfully this time with 60 other students to help fill the room.


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